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Red Hat Linux Complete Command Reference

Compiled By J. Purcel, Red Hat Software Inc.
Red Hat Linux Complete Command Reference book is divided into 9 Parts.
They are
  1. User Commands
  2. System Calls
  3. Library Functions
  4. Special Files
  5. File Formats
  6. Games
  7. Miscellaneous
  8. Adminstration and Privilaged Commands
  9. Kernal Reference Guide
  10. Index
Linux complete reference shows you all the commands with great description and examples and make you master how to install, configure, and manage Red Hat Linux operating system. This book contains 1527 pages.
The complete Red Hat Linux resource available in downloadable format! Get in-depth details on Red Hat Linux installation, administration, management, and troubleshooting. You'll master the major GUIs, Gnome, KDE, and the FVWM Windows Manager, and you'll find step-by-step coverage of dual boot installation.

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